about me

Name: Michael Lueftenegger
born: 1976
profession: Freelancer (programming, game development)
freelancer since: 2005
spoken languages: german, english


My name is Michael Lueftenegger. I am a freelancer living in salzburg, austria. With more than 20 years of experience in programming on several systems and with different programming languages I focused on flash game development in 2009. After working with flash for 10 years and with a passion for computer games this was a logical step for me. In the past I worked for local agencies and international companies. I developed everything from small vba macros to desktop applications written in C#, but flash in definitely the platform I enjoy most. With a deep sense for quality source code and modern programming paradigm like OOP and patterns I am focused on quality products. On this site you can find information about my projects and work.

If you want to get into contact for whatever reason feel free to send an e-mail to office[at]lueftenegger.at and I'll get back to you asap.